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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Giganews Reaches Three Years of High Quality Binary Retention

Giganews continually strives to provide the world’s best Usenet and we recently became the first Usenet provider to offer 3 years of retention! Our retention grows daily and we don’t intend to stop growing retention. We also continue to provide 2971 days of text rentention and growing daily.

Not only is Giganews the world leader in retention, but we also work hard to provide high quality retention. We host every article on our own servers, and we continue to improve our self-written server code to improve speed and scalability. The Giganews team ensures we store multiple copies of every article on redundant worldwide servers. If one server detects a missing article, it automatically pulls it from another. What this means for our Giganews members is unlimited speed and zero incompletes.

As retention and Usenet traffic keep increasing, we are going to ensure we provide the longest, fastest, and highest quality retention for our Giganews members.

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