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Friday, March 23, 2012

VyprVPN App for Giganews updated to Version 1.1

The Golden Frog development team updated the VyprVPN App for Giganews to version 1.1. This is a free update for all Giganews members with VyprVPN. Version 1.1 brings a cleaner user experience with several new features and bug fixes.

The updated VyprVPN App for Giganews v 1.1 includes:
  • Windows VPN description will now simply say "VyprVPN for Giganews", rather than incrementing server location names after each reconnection, e.g., "Amsterdam (17)", "Amsterdam (18)", etc. on Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Windows 7 will now only ask for network type (Public, Work, Home) the first time the VyprVPN App for Giganews connects using PPTP or L2TP.
  • Updates no longer require a reboot.
  • Recent connections now work even if a user decides to not save their password.
Giganews members with VyprVPN can install the free update directly from the application or download it here. If you're not already a Giganews member, we invite you to sign up. If you are a Giganews member without VyprVPN, we invite you to add VyprVPN to your membership today!

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