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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Giganews Paris Party Contest

We ran across this picture in the newsgroup giganews.contest and thought we'd share it on our blog. This is an entry in a contest for tickets to our 10th year anniversary party in Paris.

If you'd like to attend our 10th year anniversary party, don't forget to submit your entry ASAP as the contest ends soon.

You can find instructions on how to enter the contest on this page.

About the Event:

Paris, France
10 May 2008
~20:30 - 02:00

Giganews is proud to host our customers, website publishers, technology press, Usenet members, and Giganews' founders, staff and friends for our 10th year anniversary party.

The event will be held at an amazing club in central Paris. We have hired a DJ and will be providing plenty of food and alcohol.

We are looking forward to you joining us for this exciting chance to meet, exchange ideas, and network with some of the brightest stars of the Usenet world.

For members attending the party from outside Paris, we have secured a discounted hotel rate at a nice hotel near the venue.

Selected winners will be placed on a guest list which will be checked at the door. The only thing the winner needs to bring to the party is government issues photo identification (example: passport).

We are excited about getting to meet so many interesting people from the technology and Usenet worlds in one place. For many years we have known these people only through the other side of an email, newsgroup posting,or forum thread. Having the opportunity to interact in person is something we are eagerly looking forward to.

Submit your entry now!