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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dump Truck – Register for Early Access to Dump Truck Online Storage for Giganews Members!

We recently announced our plans to bring an online, secure, personal storage service to Giganews members. Today, we are opening up registration for early access to Dump Truck online storage by Golden Frog. There are a limited number of spots available to try Dump Truck, so please register today.

What is Dump Truck?

Dump Truck is a personal online storage service created by Golden Frog and will be available for Giganews customers in the coming months. Dump Truck allows you to move your bits and bytes massively and freely while ensuring your files are secure.

Dump Truck early features include:
  • Intuitive web interface with drag and drop upload
  • Simple and secure file structure
  • 256-bit SSL encryption for uploads and downloads
  • Files are encrypted on-disk with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Access to your files anywhere in the world
Visit the Dump Truck registration page for the opportunity to be the first to try the service! There are a limited number of spots, so signup today!

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mimo User Interface Improvements - Beta v0.2.3 for Diamond Members

Golden Frog has released Mimo Beta v0.2.3 for Diamond Members. Please read the Golden Frog blog post about Mimo Beta v0.2.3 improvements and changes below:
We are pleased once again to announce the latest beta release of the Mimo Usenet browser. Download the free update now. This release continues the "look and feel" user interface updates along with select bug fixes and new feature improvements.

The new Mimo User Interface becomes more visible with this release. In particular, version 0.2.3 introduces the Action Bar, a more consistent place to access common commands. The Action Bar adapts to the content on the current tab in Mimo, variously presenting controls to open newsgroups in new tabs, download selected articles, Reply to or Forward an existing post, manage downloading message headers in newsgroups, and control your download queue.

We also updated the Search and Filter bars, refined the styles and colors, and included a more consistent appearance for tabs and other interactive elements.

Mimo is starting to feel like a new application, but we are far from finished with the user interface overhaul. The Golden Frog development team is continuing to implement more of planned user interface improvements to make Mimo even easier to use. In upcoming releases, look for updates to how Mimo presents images and thumbnails, additional filtering, and more details on active downloads.

Complete details are available in our Change Log. Download the free update now.

Golden Frog Dev Team

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