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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dump Truck – Register for Early Access to Dump Truck Online Storage for Giganews Members!

We recently announced our plans to bring an online, secure, personal storage service to Giganews members. Today, we are opening up registration for early access to Dump Truck online storage by Golden Frog. There are a limited number of spots available to try Dump Truck, so please register today.

What is Dump Truck?

Dump Truck is a personal online storage service created by Golden Frog and will be available for Giganews customers in the coming months. Dump Truck allows you to move your bits and bytes massively and freely while ensuring your files are secure.

Dump Truck early features include:
  • Intuitive web interface with drag and drop upload
  • Simple and secure file structure
  • 256-bit SSL encryption for uploads and downloads
  • Files are encrypted on-disk with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Access to your files anywhere in the world
Visit the Dump Truck registration page for the opportunity to be the first to try the service! There are a limited number of spots, so signup today!

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Anonymous Anders Buch said...

I hope you consider the following use case: A Windows based desktop with access to a number of mapped network drives; these synchronized into the cloud; and then synchronized back onto a “stand alone” MacOSX based MacBook Pro, making all selected folders from the mapped network drives available locally anywhere. Possible?


- Anders

11:52 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds fantastic, but the wording of your bullet points about encryption has me a bit concerned... You call out encryption of data in transit and encryption of data at rest, but what about between upload and disk or disk and download? Who owns and stores the encryption keys?

Ideally, the data is encrypted and decrypted on my client machine/device and the keys are never exposed to Golden From or Giganews.

Not that I don't trust you guys, but... I don't trust anyone.

12:31 PM 
Anonymous KiNG said...

First word: LINUX

I don't care otherwise.

I'm a Diamond, and will be for the rest of my life, but lack of LINUX support is killing me.

You're getting your money either way, but can guarantee my lifetime membership if you provide all of your tools with LINUX support.


2:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would would make this invaluable is if my downloads from Giganews could go directly to the Dumb Truck for storage and later access. Thereby taking a huge load off of my Comcast bandwidth cap.

4:57 PM 
Blogger Lachlan Hunt said...

Will there be a storage limit, either a hard quota or some sort of implied reasonable usage limit? Would it be acceptable to store a few TB of data?

You say there will be 256 bit AES disk encryption. When accessing the files, will decryption be done on the server side, requiring that you maintain the encryption keys, or will all decryption be done locally, meaning that I may maintain my own decryption keys securely?

Will it require any special software to access the service? Will I be able to mount it as a remote drive, either on Windows, Mac or Linux, and/or will it be possible to browse the files using via a web interface using a web browser?

3:10 AM 
Anonymous Fred said...

With Dump Truck, are files encrypted on the user's PC *before* upload using private key, or encrypted on the server after upload? In other words, can uploaded files be decrypted by Golden Frog -- or possibly byhackers, e.g. Dropbox's recent security hole?

11:51 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will there be SFTP support for uploading and downloading the files?

1:49 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks great! Are you planning a on including an email service in Dump Truck? As I trust you more than Microsoft, Google or Apple.

5:49 AM 
Blogger Liam said...

Look forward to this, especially if you can guarantee more privacy than Drpbx seems to be offering lately

12:23 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to taking this for a spin! Any chance of early access?


5:53 AM