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Monday, March 28, 2011

Vote on the Best Giganews Salute!

On May 2nd, we will become the first Usenet provider in the world to store 1000 days of binary Usenet retention. To celebrate this milestone, we announced the Giganews 1000 Days Prize Giveaway last week.

As part of the 1000 Days celebration, we asked customers to "Salute Giganews" by telling us what they like about our service or why they think we are the best.

To be candid, the customer response has exceeded our expectations. We have received thousands of "Salutes" since we announced the 1000 Days celebration less than a week ago. Over the last week, everyone here at Giganews has enjoyed reading all of the Salutes. Some Salutes praise our service, some praise the additional features we have added over the past year, and some are downright funny. We have enjoyed them all. We are extremely focused on the providing the best Usenet in the world and it is gratifying to see that our customers understand and appreciate our focus.

We thought that customers would like to read the Salutes and enjoy them as much as we have. Customers can view the Salutes and vote for the best Salutes with our Giganews Salute Voting Game.

Vote as many times as you like as you help us narrow down the best Salutes to the Top 50 Salutes. On April 26th, we will select the ten best Salutes. The ten best Salutes will be awarded 50 entries in the 1000 Days Prize Giveaway and a Giganews T-shirt. We'll be announcing the winners on this blog on May 2nd. Check back here to see if you've won.

Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorite Salutes thus far:
If hipsters were actually cool, they'd just use Giganews.
I’ve been a member for almost 11 years. The only thing I've done longer in that time period is being married (20 years) and my current job (14 years). I only stick with the good ones.
Now that Usenet has become a luxury, many providers try to sell access at different costs. Unlike others, Giganews just works, and is worth every cent. No bell and whistles, just plain good results
Get the ship from "Pirates of the Caribbean," re-christen it "Giganews," and ride it down the slipway from a clifftop to the sea with a flintlock pistol in one hand and a Wii remote in the other, long hair streaming and an mp3 player in your ears. That's what the Usenet is like. It's rowdy, rough-and-tumble and loaded with people you can learn from. If you're a fool you'll be chased back to the commercial pap that is the World Wide Web. But if you can soar, you'll quickly find the wings.
Giganews is the face of professionalism for an e-company in our time.
Giganews - A Diamond in the Digital World. This is the best subscription service available. It has been a part of my internet life for as long as I've had a broadband connection. I can't imagine not having a Giganews subscription. Keep up the amazing work! I also want to say that VyprVPN has been a life saver when traveling. Sometimes it's been the only way I could get online at some funky WiFi sites. Thanks for all the extras!
After leaving Giganews I found that I was never happy. I tried most of the cheap wanna be's and in the end I came crawling back to Giganews. I was so glad when they didn't make me beg for forgiveness, but instead welcomed me back with open arms. Then we had the best make-up session of my life! I promise I will never leave again. I love you Giganews!
I love the retention but the best feature now is the Mimo Usenet Browser - awesome!!
I've been using you guys for a while now and while I see others with cheaper prices I also see a lot of people complaining about speed, completion, uptime, and so forth with the other services. I don't think I've ever had any downtime in the years I've been a subscriber. About 4 or 5 months ago I upgraded to the Diamond package w/ the Mimo browser and have been impressed with it so far. It's really easy to use.
No one else offers +1000 day usenet retention, a NAT firewall, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec & OpenVPN. Giganews is reliable and affordable. Giganews Support staff are highly knowledgeable and responsive. Protect your privacy and online identity with a Giganews Diamond Account. There is no substitute.
Giganews doesn't stop at just providing a great service, they continue to pioneer and create a better experience for customers. They are simply put, AWESOME.
We seem to live in a world of data-caps, bait-and-switch schemes, excessively limited bandwidth, undue censorship, and network reliability issues. Giganews represents the exact opposite of all of those things!! It is a breath of fresh air--and for a reasonable price even.
The internet is a juxtaposition; it's all of the information in the world, ever. yet fluid and ever chaining like the shoreline on the beach. Usenet is the history book, The unabridged, unadulterated history of everything. A Usenet service boasting anywhere near 1000 days of binary retention is as monumental as the footage of the first moon landing. It should be revered and respected, and furthermore remembered.
Ridiculous speed? Check. 1000 days retention? Check. VyprVpn doesn't bottleneck my 35/35 connection? Check. Hopefully, they don't catch on and start charging double. Ehhh... I'd still pay it.
I've tried them all. Giganews is the best news service anywhere, period. Take my home, my wife, my kids, my cars, and my stuff, but leave my Giganews alone or there will be hell to pay!
I'd like to start by saying that I work as the technical operations coordinator for a high-speed fiberoptic ISP. We deliver lines up to 400mbit/400mbit using FTTH technology. To our corporate customers we can deliver 1000mbit/1000mbit lines. In april we will be delivering what we think is the world’s fastest line, a 100Gbps uplink, to a LAN event with 5000 visitors. I've been invited as staff, and will get a chance to access the uplink when there is little or no traffic on it. In preparing for this trip I started thinking about how much storage space to bring. As much as I can download in the time I'm there, ideally. Normally the bandwidth would give me a good idea of how much I'd be able to get down, but I obviously can't download 12500MB/s. my harddrive can't write that fast! And therein lies the biggest testament to the quality of your service; I'm not worried about whether or not Giganews will be able to handle it, I'm worried about my write speed! No other service in the world approaches this. Your service is simply transcendent, and your employees should be proud to work for the best in the world. Thank you for your continuous excellence.
Giganews goes far above and beyond just providing Usenet services. Giganews provides peace of mind for information sharing and social communication. The services offered by Giganews are unattainable by all other Usenet service providers. Many come close, but none provide the simple feeling of knowing that all is covered with Giganews. From being the fastest Usenet service I have ever used to safety in its encryption methods and VPN services for online security to also the best retention on the block, they are the best, period. In the years I have used Giganews, I have had 100% uptime and full speed ahead all the way. I have switched internet services providers from time to time, but I have not switched from Giganews since the first day I joined them. Giganews is the only Usenet service I use. I even dropped my ISP news service for Giganews. They are worth connecting to the internet for.
Giganews is; and always will be the pioneers of Usenet as we know it today! Every time I login to the site they have launched a new great service such as VyprVpn or the new Mimo browser, with the oldest retention and unbeatable customer service why would anyone choose anyone else? I love GigaNews and I have no doubt their other users feel the exact same way! Bow to your God, God of UseNet!