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Friday, November 12, 2010

Referring Friends to Giganews is Even Easier!

Refer-A-FriendWe revamped our referral program, giving you simpler ways to refer friends to Giganews. As always, you get an embeddable badge and special URL. We’ve added options to e-mail your friends, post to Facebook, or tweet your personal referral link!
Send referrals right from your control panel:
  • Click the Facebook or Twitter button to instantly post to social networks
  • Fill out a form and we’ll send e-mails to your friends for you
  • Embed your html badge on your website
  • Copy and paste your link into e-mails, Usenet posts and more
Referring has changed, but the rules are the same:
  • Your Giganews account is credited the value of your friend’s membership – up to $29.99!
  • Credit is given when a friend signs up through your special link and stays with us for a month
Start getting free Giganews!
Credits are unlimited, so refer as many friends as you’d like. Start referring now!


Monday, November 01, 2010

Mimo + Search now free with Diamond Account!

Back in July, we partnered with Golden Frog to deliver a new Usenet experience. We invited our most loyal Diamond members to an early access tech preview of Mimo Usenet Browser and Golden Frog Usenet Search. It was a simple choice to invite enthusiastic Giganews members to help develop the best Usenet browser and search platform.

Now, after 4 months in an exclusive tech preview, Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search are in beta and available for all Diamond Giganews members. With this release, Mimo comes with:
  • faster speeds
  • integrated thumbnail viewing
  • a search engine that dynamically indexes Giganews' growing retention
  • auto unRAR and PAR handling
  • text, binary, and image filters
Participants reported bugs and requested features to improve Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search. From initial development to the technology preview and into beta, Golden Frog has added or fixed nearly 450 different features in response to member feedback.

One of the most requested features has been bandwidth throttling. Today, the new Mimo version has the option to control how much of your Internet connection is used by the browser. Member input also helped improve Mimo’s multi-language support, which currently covers six languages.

Golden Frog created Mimo and its integrated Usenet search to accommodate Giganews’ full and increasing retention. This is the world’s only cross-platform Usenet browser with integrated search indexing all 800+ days of Giganews’ retention. As Giganews’ retention continues growing, Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search are designed to dynamically keep up.

Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet search are in continuous active development. You can request features or report bugs by e-mailing Giganews Support or posting in giganews.mimo. We work closely with the Golden Frog development team to incorporate all member feedback. Expect continued improvements to Mimo’s resiliency, performance and ease of use.

Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search are free with all Giganews Diamond memberships today. Join the ongoing development. Download Mimo or become a Diamond member now.

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