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Thursday, May 15, 2014

VyprDNS - Encrypted, Zero-Logging DNS Now Available!

Golden Frog just announced VyprDNS, their encrypted, zero-logging DNS available for Giganews members with VyprVPN. Golden Frog developed VyprDNS to increase privacy for VyprVPN users and to defeat censorship across the world. VyprDNS is included with Platinum and Diamond accounts and enabled by default in the VyprVPN apps or via manual OS setup.

How does your DNS affect you?

A DNS server translates hostnames (such as into a computer readable IP address ( so your computer can communicate with the desired host and connect to the website. Internet users typically rely on their ISP's DNS servers or a 3rd party DNS. These 3rd party DNS servers frequently censor websites, log a complete record of your Internet activity and redirect your requests to pages with ads - even if you use a VPN.

Why use VyprDNS?

  • Defeats censorship via DNS man-in-middle-attacks or filtering
  • Zero-Logging
  • Superior DNS geolocation
  • Never redirects your DNS requests to pages with ads
VyprDNS is built into VyprVPN. When you connect to VyprVPN, you are automatically using VyprDNS. No app updates, or action is required to use VyprDNS. Please note, VyprDNS cannot be used separately from VyprVPN.

See how VyprDNS offers superior privacy and freedom »

Read Golden Frog's infographic on "The Hidden Dangers of DNS" and how VyprDNS defeats them.

To start using VyprDNS, you must have an active Platinum or Diamond account with VyprVPN. VyprDNS is enabled by default in the VyprVPN apps or via manual setup. If you don't have VyprVPN you can upgrade to a diamond account today and experience VyprDNS for yourself. Defeat censorship, prevent DNS logging and restore your online freedom today.

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