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Monday, December 03, 2018

VyprVPN Becomes the World's First Publicly Audited No Log VPN Service

Big news coming from our sister company, Golden Frog, VyprVPN is the World's First Publicly Audited no-log VPN service. A big congratulations to their team on this major accomplishment! Diamond and Platinum users receiving VyprVPN will now be able to use all the applications with no logging.

What does no-log mean? No-log means that VyprVPN will no longer obtain any data from app use. VyprVPN used to log certain data of users when using their applications, and hold the data for 30 days. This data included:

  • Customer's source IP address (generally the IP address assigned by the customer's ISP)
  • VyprVPN's IP address assigned to the user
  • Connection start and end times
  • Total number of bytes used

This policy had been controversial and pointed out not only by users but also members of the privacy community. Golden Frog took this feedback in and agreed that a change was worth making. In Golden Frog's CEO Sunday Yokubaitis' words: "As our service has matured over the past decade, we have become more experienced with running a global VPN network and the necessity for minimal logging has diminished. We have found better ways to improve performance and defeat fraudsters without needing a user's connection information."

You can read in more detail the blogpost "VyprVPN is the World's First Publicly Audited no-log VPN service" by Sunday Yokubaitis.

Giganews offers VyprVPN to both Platinum and Diamond accounts. VyprVPN provides additional security and privacy to enhance our users' experience. Platinum includes VyprVPN and Diamond comes with VyprVPN Premium. You can find all of VyprVPN's features here.