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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Giganews Personal Storage Service Coming Soon!

We’ve heard from a large percentage of our members that they want an online, secure, personal storage service from Giganews. As a member of Giganews you have come to expect us to deliver constant service improvements and new products and services. Our members feel no other service provider in the world matches our uptime, speed and dedication to privacy and security. That combination of service qualities is currently missing from the personal storage market, and our members know we can deliver.

We have heard our customers, and are proud to announce that the development of a personal storage service for Giganews members has started. We have been doing public "cloud storage" many years before the term was coined and well before “cloud storage” was “cool” with our globally distributed Usenet clusters. As part of this project, we would like to again solicit Giganews members’ feedback about features we are working on. In the upcoming weeks we will be reaching out to you with questions, updates and ultimately a request for beta testers. As always, our Diamond members will get first access to our personal storage product.

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Blogger johhenrik said...

This sounds pretty awesome! Great news!

2:05 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news!

2:34 PM 
Anonymous Jeaz said...

This really does sound promising. Giganews really keeps adding value to their portfolio and this looks very interesting. Of course it all boils down to quality and cost but so far I haven't been disappointed by GN. Looking forward to more information and beta-testing.

2:52 PM 
Anonymous Ruxzbin said...

This is a pretty amazing feature. How will you be accepting feedback, as I would like to make this a very good service that is on par with DropBox.

Thanks and keep up the good work

2:58 PM 
Anonymous zuber mohsan said...

I think adding personal storage is an excellent idea. And expanding this product to server backup storage for databases such as mysql or other files. It would provide a way to backup your server data in a cost effective way. Excellent news.

3:03 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet!! This is great news, so happy to hear you guys are doing this. Cant wait for the beta testing to begin!

3:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow , you read my mind giganews! I've been considering using newsgroups as a back-up medium for years. I want an off-site backup that can handle a few hundred gigs of data. My plan was to create an encrypted Truecrypt volume file, and then RAR it and upload it to giganews, and generate a new backup every 900 days or so (whatever the retention rate currently is).

But a dedicated solution from giganews might be ideal. I want to know more!

3:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell me you'll have the pricing of Amazon's S3 storage but fully support the rsync/ssl protocol.

That would be the bees knees.

3:27 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should be encrypted, transparently integrated into the users OS, i.e. a drive letter. Also, it is important to be able to select in which country the data will be physically stored.

3:33 PM 
Anonymous Razultull said...

I must say Giganews is becoming seriously innovative and increasingly, awesome.

A good cloud storage system is exactly what i need right now, and if they could incorporate it into a ftp/sftp system as well, i would be eternally grateful to them.

As a diamond member i can't wait. :D

3:36 PM 
Blogger rubin said...

Great idea. I would love to see SECURE (very important) storage available, and a Mac, Windows, and even Linux app that will allow syncing between the machines and the storage. Think Drop Box!

Some storage should be free (say 5 to 10 GB) with a Diamond membership, with additional available for a yearly or monthly charge.

Also, there should be a secure access to allow file viewing and access via your website. I would assume logging into Giganews, and then logging in again to a secure personal page where an HTML browser would be available.

It is assumed that all this storage space would be backed up, but if not, that should be available at a small extra charge.

3:38 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally make heavy use of Dropbox. I would look to it for functionality. One of the items I like best, is that it has a desktop client that acts like any other folder on your hard drive. This allows it to be used seamlessly by applications and makes it intuitive to any user.

Also, it has versioning, so you can revert or restore files if necessary.

The sharing feature is nice, and I use it a lot for collaborating especially when files are too big for email. To do this correctly, you must be able to set read/write permissions, so that people cannot accidentally delete your files.

Also, it accessible by most platforms (Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry)

3:43 PM 
Anonymous mark said...

great news cant wait , it just get better

3:48 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty excited about this. I have been exploring options for cloud storage, and I'm glad giganews is throwing their hat in the ring. Looking forward to it.

4:01 PM 
Blogger Dan Q said...

This is incredibly exciting! Pull this off, and I can drop my Amazon S3-based personal backups and start storing my stuff with my favourite Usenet provider instead!

4:15 PM 
Anonymous a Diamond members since many years said...

This is awesome !!! Giganews is really the best provider in the world. No provider can be so proactive :)

Also, if you can think for an access from iDevice (iPhone, iPad, Android) it would be great.

4:16 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that's an awesome addition to an already reliable and great service.

4:18 PM 
Anonymous Mike said...

As always I am excited for the release of a new service/product from GigaNews. One cool feature for the personal storage service would be something similar to DropBox where you can "map" a folder on your PC. This would allow seamless access to the secure online storage space without worrying about FTP'ing in, etc.

Good work, keep it up.

4:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds great! A mappable drive would be great... Encrypted up in the cloud.

10 gigabytes for every year you've been a giganews subscriber.


4:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what you have cooked up.

4:31 PM 
Blogger Unknown said...

FIRST!! j/k Giganews, thank you for blazing the road with these technologies. This is why I have been a member for multiple years, and recently upped to diamond level... I just couldn't deny such a terrific value any longer. Thanks!

5:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are going to make me real happy I signed with GigaNews, not that I wasn't happy before this announcement. It's a bit 'cloud'y out and I love it.

5:45 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is excellent news!

1)First and foremost I would like to see giganews blow the competition out of the water in regards to storage size and pricing. Everyone pretty much has the same offering and very lack luster. (Amazon derivatives)

2) Drop box like tool for desktop and mobile (iPhone, iPad) and replicate base functionality to start. Don't try an re-invent just yet.

3) Unprecedented levels of anonymity and security like other giganews services.

Just a few things to get you started ;)

5:46 PM 
Blogger Unknown said...

Congrats folks. If you do as well as you have with news access and secure VPN then this should be quite a service. I can't wait!

10:00 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your storage solution is as awesome as the rest of your services, I will definitely be a long term user. The one thing that would really put you guys over the top is if you have good upload speeds! I am so tired of the slow uploads provided with other services, which has really prevented me from using other services for very long. I end up just using my own off site NAS solution, but I would love to use those hard disks for other things.

10:15 PM 
Blogger Unknown said...

Will it be included in the diamond monthly price, or will there be an additional charge?
Will the volume of data be unlimited?
I am currently using Mozzy, which space is unlimited.

10:59 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it, can't wait!

11:12 PM 
Anonymous catmar said...

Thank you can you tell us yet how much storage space you'll be giving us?

11:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope it is accessible via various standard protocols like ssh so i can use rsync, rather than some gimp client like dropbox.

11:27 PM 
Blogger petrossa said...

I'm interested. Curious about pricing. Having an 'all in' package sure looks promising.

11:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Before I quit y dropbox subscription, when do you expect to launch and is it going to be like Live Mesh(automated sync of folders) or like Ms Skydrive with manual upload?

12:23 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had Giga-news for so long I honestly don't remember.

VPN and now storage too? This is rapidly becoming my favorite IT service to pay for :)

12:25 AM 
Blogger Unknown said...

Well, that's great (giga)news!

I'm an addict to those services which saved my life a couple of times and make my daily use of digital content a lot easier.

Being a diamond user at giganews and a software product manager in my private life, I'm really willing to help you guys if a beta program opens.

I'm a Mac user, currently owning a dropbox paid account (50gb where I store my documents) and a google paid storage (80gb where I store my pictures and music). I'm using those services as backups, immediate shared space between my Macs, and for enjoying music and photos on the go.

I've complained a couple of times about the limitations of these services (which is precisely the reason why I use 2 different service providers), and I'd be happy to tell you why.


12:33 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Giganews is such a great UseNet (and hopefully future storage) provider that it makes me proud to be a Diamond customer of this service. Can't wait to hear more news on this topic. A great thing would be easy integration and also lowlevel services such as rsync.

1:33 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great :) Looking forward to use that new Service soon. Cheers

1:41 AM 
Blogger Travis said...

very interesting! so, are we talking about storage of "whatever we want" or just some way of storing our usenet files, perhaps using some particular client?

4:44 AM 
Anonymous Roel Teeuwen said...

This will be cool! Value for money is key here! I'm very curious.

6:02 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give me something like carbonite with Giganews speed and I will be sold. :)

7:28 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Giganews ! Very good news !

Does anyone know if there will be a device app (android for example) that would be used for streaming MP3 which would be on the storage cloud (like amazon) ?

8:17 AM 
Anonymous ADMiN said...

Linux, or GTFO.

Seriously, Linux support is the single most important thing to me.

If it will have a web interface (& so is cross platform), it's cool.

IF HOWEVER, you decide to make a desktop app, make it on QT or something to provide native support for Linux. If you release a Windows-only software, I'll go batshit crazy & start fighting crime in my Batmobile

8:56 AM 
Blogger Unknown said...

This is great news, sign me up for the Beta ;P

9:29 AM 
Blogger Unknown said...

This is exciting news. Definitely a great move towards a more complete solution.

10:27 AM 
Anonymous Noo said...

Great news, i'll be happy to be a beta tester.

12:39 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you Giganews, i just got the OpenVPN package with my Diamond account that i've had for a long time, thank you for beeing the best and always trying to improve your service :). Thank you !

2:24 PM 
Blogger Theologin said...

This is great! If i could suggest a couple of things, multi platform support from day one. Ipad/ipod app, android app and a simple smooth windows/mac program. Something where i can drop photos from my phone at work then pull them up from home or work. Like carbonite meets dropbox.

5:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely a great idea, maybe a nice Android app to go along with it?

3:01 PM 
Blogger Unknown said...

I would love to see this come to fruition!!

5:29 PM 
Blogger botolo86 said...

I hope there will be a chance to download from usenet directly to this cloud storage solution. It would be a winning!

8:33 PM 
Blogger hakunin said...


10:06 PM 
Blogger Alan Neese said...

I am looking forward to the Personal Storage Service. I hope it has all of the functionality of Dropbox! :)

8:48 AM 
Blogger juchmis said...

Seriously looking forward to this. Would be amazing.

11:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


aucune nouvelle depuis un mois ou en est le projet

3:58 AM 
Blogger Victor Wainer said...

Interesting.. I wonder how well it wil work with the usual upload speed limits, and how big will the storage space actually be?

7:26 PM