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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Giganews Party Photos!

Giganews would like to thank all our loyal members, webmasters, and well wishers who joined us on 10 May 2008 for Giganews' 10th year anniversary party in Paris!

It was great getting to meet so many people from the Usenet world, and it was inspiring to watch everyone connect and get to know each other.

Our staff and friends had a wonderful time and are very thankful to everyone who attended.

Without the support of members and webmasters, Usenet would be a much less interesting place.

We hope you enjoy the pictures. We'll have the videos up soon :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


i'm lamine from lorient (friend's of bryce the french breackdancer) i publish two videos on youtube of giganews party ;)

bye see U later

url :

4:09 PM 
Blogger Unknown said...

i hope u remember me!
... the french breakdancer who drink only champagne!! lol.
Thank for all, this party was so cool!!
but little bit pb!! i lost u're cards!! i've sent a mail to will(it's the only card i didn't lost.. why... i don't know... alcool maybe!!;-)) but no news.i hope see u soon , and don't hesitate to email-me!!

Bryce the french breakdancer!!
and his girlfriend " MARION"!!

2:18 AM 
Blogger Giganews said...

Hi Bryce and "onlyouaibe"!

Thanks for posting the link to the video. Very cool.

Bryce - If you want to get in touch with anyone in particular let me know. Your friend has my direct email address if you need it :)

David V.
Giganews, Inc.

7:27 AM