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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New to Usenet Newsgroups?

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New to Usenet Newsgroups?
Giganews helps explain Usenet newsgroups to new subscribers
So you know that Giganews has 160+ days of binary article retention and 1500+ days of text retention (as of the date of this post). You know that we have 99% completion across all of our 107K+ newsgroups. Great, sign me up! Now what?

Usenet is a vast community, and when paired with a high performance provider like Giganews, the options a user has are nearly endless. Variety is great. But it can also be a little overwhelming.

Users who are new to the Usenet community can find several helpful Usenet tutorials on the Internet, which will guide you through the process of setting up your newsreader, navigating newsgroups, and contributing your own posts to newsgroups of interest.

If you need a basic overview of Usenet terminology, check out Giganews' glossary where you'll find definitions for terms such as headers, streams, completion, retention, and much more.

Giganews customers who need help with any aspect of their service, accessing Usenet, posting to newsgroups, downloading articles, etc. can contact our 24/7/365 tech support staff, who will be able to guide you through these steps.

If you’re a Giganews customer who is unfamiliar with how to use our service or if you’re considering signing up, but need some more information make sure to use our contact form to reach out to one of our friendly support reps!