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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Giganews' 200 Days Binary Retention: A Look Back

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200 Day Usenet Binary Retention: A Look Back
Giganews upgrade Usenet newsgroup binary retention to 200 days
As you've probably seen plastered across every Usenet related newsgroup and forum, Giganews recently announced a storage upgrade which will increase Giganews' retention in binary newsgroups to 200 days by the end of the summer. This is in addition to Giganews currently holding text articles for more than 1400 days.

This got us thinking about Giganews' retention growth over time. Giganews has always been a leader in Usenet and one of the primary ways we offer value to our customers is through our retention. We took a look back and documented some of our retention upgrades throughout the years....

Binary Newsgroup Retention

August 2001 - 14 days
October 2002 - 15 days
December 2003 - 30 days
August 2005 - 50 days
December 2005 - 70 days
September 2006 - 90 days
February 2007 - 100 days
April 2007 - 120 days
July 2007 - 200 days

That's a 1,328% increase in retention since 2001!

As you can see, Giganews has been very busy over the years making sure we're offering the best Usenet experience possible. If you haven't already signed up for Giganews' service try out our free trial account to see for yourself why Giganews is the leader in Usenet.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Giganews, i love you!

10:11 AM 
Blogger Unknown said...

That's awesome that Giganews has 200 days retenion - is there any plans to bump the rention up to a full year 365 days? If so when would we expect that? This would be most helpful, and I'm sure that most people would be willing to pay an extra couple bucks a month for a full year rention.


2:50 AM