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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dump Truck Rebuilt - New Desktop, Mobile and Web Apps

Dump Truck Online StorageLast December, we announced our partnership with Golden Frog to provide free Dump Truck secure online storage to every Giganews member.

When we made Dump Truck available to Giganews members last year, the service included WebDAV access to your files and a basic Web App. Over the past year, Golden Frog listened to your comments and worked hard to improve the service based on your feedback.

Today, Dump Truck online storage gets even better with completely new Desktop apps, Mobile apps and rebuilt Web App so you can use Dump Truck on all of your devices.

After a year of non-stop development, the Dump Truck storage service now includes:
  • Windows and Mac Desktop applications to sync your files from your desktop to Dump Truck
  • Android and iOS Mobile apps to view and manage your files on the go. (iOS App pending App Store approval)
  • A completely redesigned and rebuilt Web App so you can use your web browser to access, upload and share files in your Dump Truck account
Don’t forget to use your Giganews username and password to access the Dump Truck Desktop apps, Mobile apps and Web App. 30 GB of Dump Truck is included free with every Diamond account and 5 GB of Dump Truck is included free with all other Giganews accounts.

Why use Dump Truck online storage?

It’s simple - you should choose Dump Truck for your storage needs because Golden Frog is more focused on security than other online storage providers. Golden Frog was founded to keep the Internet free and open while respecting user privacy and security. In 2009, Golden Frog launched VyprVPN Personal VPN to protect users' Internet connections and Dump Truck is their latest service focused on privacy and security.

Why is Dump Truck more secure?

When you upload your files to Dump Truck, Golden Frog the only company who handles your data so your privacy is protected and your security is ensured. Golden Frog doesn’t rely on 3rd parties to store your files. Similar to how Giganews operates its own Usenet clusters, Golden Frog owns the hard drives, servers and manages their own global network so they can keep your files secure.

They also store three copies of your files using 256-bit AES encryption to ensure you always have a secure and redundant copy. When you upload or download files from Dump Truck all data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL - the same encryption level used by financial institutions. Golden Frog also doesn’t use data deduplication to inspect your files to save on storage costs, nor will they ever display ads or analyze users’ files for marketing purposes. Like Giganews, Golden Frog respects users’ privacy and security and will never inspect your files.

Dump Truck Desktop - Sync files from your Desktop

Dump Truck files sync right to your desktop
Use Dump Truck Desktop on Windows or Mac to securely sync and store all of your files.

Dump Truck Desktop features:
  • Windows and Mac applications
  • Automatically syncs files from your desktop to Dump Truck
  • All your files in your Dump Truck folder on your desktop are on all of your devices
Download Dump Truck Desktop

Dump Truck Web App - Access your files from any browser

The Dump Truck Web App has been totally redesigned and rebuilt with improved performance and new features. Use the the Web App to access, upload and share your files from any web browser.

Access Dump Truck from any web browser

Dump Truck Web App features:
  • Access files in your Dump Truck account from any web browser
  • Powerful sidebar folder directory for easy navigation
  • Upload entire folders, including sub-folders
  • Create and share public links to folders using passwords and expiration dates
  • Easy to use drag and drop to move files around in Dump Truck
  • Favorite files and folders to bookmark for quick access

Dump Truck Mobile Apps - Access your files while on the go

Access your files in Dump Truck on the go
Dump Truck Mobile App to access and store files while on the go.

Dump Truck Mobile App features:
  • Android and iOS apps (iOS app pending App Store approval)
  • Upload photos and videos to Dump Truck from your mobile device
  • Access and view files stored in Dump Truck
  • Favorite any file for quick online or offline access
Available on Google Play and the App Store (pending App Store approval).

Access Dump Truck with your Giganews username and password and see all of Dump Truck’s new features for yourself! If you are not currently a Giganews member, sign up now for free 14 day free trial to try Dump Truck and much more.

To stay up to date with Dump Truck, please subscribe to our blog and follow us on Giganews Facebook, Giganews Twitter, Giganews YouTube Channel, and Giganews Google+.

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