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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Get Creative with Giganews and Win!

A Giganews member recently sent us this great video that we posted to the Giganews Youtube Channel. It's of him cycling around Lyon, France with the Giganews logo attached to his bike. We thought it was such a cool video that we decided to give him a free Diamond account for a year. Congratulations!

And on that note, we would like to invite other creatively-inclined Giganews members to interact with the Giganews brand using videos, photos, songs, or any other creative medium. We'll share the best submissions on our social media channels and the giganews.general newsgroup.

If we choose to publish your submission, you'll have a chance to receive a free Giganews t-shirt, Giganews account, VyprVPN add-ons, or additional Dump Truck storage. So, get creative! You send your submission to or any of our social media channels.

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