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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Giganews Control Panel launched!

We released an update to the Giganews customer control panel today. The control panel is your personal web interface for managing all your Giganews services and personal account information. We completely redesigned the control panel to give it a more simple layout that will hopefully be easier for Giganews members to use.

One of the more powerful new features is the ability view and disconnect active VyprVPN connections. For example, if your home computer is actively connected to VyprVPN and you need to use VyprVPN on your mobile device, you can login into the Giganews control panel and disconnect VyprVPN for your home computer and now access VyprVPN using your mobile device. Below is a quick summary of the updates to the control panel.

Dashboard Changes:
  • Quick summary of all your Giganews services and personal account settings
  • Individual tabs to separately manage Usenet, VyprVPN and Dump Truck services
  • More easily update billing information, view invoices, set account preferences and more
Giganews Usenet:
  • View transfer stats in new graphical format
  • Upgrade and downgrade Usenet plans more easily
  • Set or remove Usenet article limits
VyprVPN Personal VPN:
  • View and disconnect active VyprVPN connections
  • More easily add or remove VyprVPN protocols
  • Access setup instructions unique to your VyprVPN protocols and OS
Dump Truck Online Storage:
  • Add or remove additional Dump Truck storage capacity
  • View Dump Truck Usage stats
  • Login to Dump Truck directly from your Control Panel
If you're already a Giganews member, login to your Control Panel to check out all of the new updates and features. If you're not a Giganews member, we invite you to see what makes Giganews different and sign up today.

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