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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New WebDAV Support Page Launched

Today, we are launching a new WebDAV Setup page to supply Giganews members with more WebDAV configuration options with Dump Truck online storage. We recently announced that all Diamond Giganews memberships were upgraded to include 30 Gigabytes of Dump Truck online storage at no additional cost and all other accounts would receive 5 Gigabytes of free storage. Giganews members asked for more WebDAV configuration options, and today we are happy to provide them.

What is WebDAV?

WebDAV is a protocol that allows you to mount Dump Truck just like a hard drive in Mac OS X and Windows, as well as access Dump Truck on mobile devices. Create, change and move files and folders while maintaining your file structure.

WebDAV Setup and Configurations now include:
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows XP
Desktop Applications
Windows Applications
CrossFTP Pro
OS X Applications
CrossFTP Pro

Web Apps
Mobile Applications
Air Sharing
Android Apps
WebDAV File Manager
See how easy it is to set up WebDAV on your computer and mobile device for Dump Truck online storage.

Every Giganews membership includes Dump Truck online storage for free, so we invite you to sign up today. If you’re already a Giganews member, get started with Dump Truck and WebDAV.

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