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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mimo Header Control Bar and User Interface updated – Beta v0.2.4 for Diamond members

Golden Frog has released Mimo Beta v0.2.4 for Diamond Members. Please read the Golden Frog blog post about Mimo Beta v0.2.4 improvements and changes below:
Golden Frog is proud to announce more improvements to the Mimo Usenet Browser user interface. The user interface was updated to create a more intuitive Usenet browsing experience. This update is the latest of our iterative releases to improve the user interface.

Download the free update now.

Some highlights of the Mimo v0.2.4 update include a new Header Control Bar design that allows for a more flexible header selection and more detailed information about headers.

The new Header Control bar features include:
  • Dynamic header date range selection over the full Giganews retention
  • Article IDs shown with the header date range
  • Total available Newsgroup headers displayed
  • Header download percentage and time estimate
We also improved the display of newsgroup information in several areas, namely displaying cross posted newsgroups and better organization of images in multi-image posts.

The complete details about the Mimo Beta v0.2.4 release are available in our Change Log. Please download the free update now.

Golden Frog Dev Team

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