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Friday, August 06, 2010

7 Things Newer than the Oldest Giganews Article

Here at Giganews, we're celebrating being the first and only Usenet provider to reach 2 years of high-quality binary retention.

What 2 years of binary retention gets you:
  • 2 years of images and files
  • 10 billion+ newsgroup articles
  • Over 4,000 TB of Usenet data

Think about the things that didn't even exist when the oldest accessible binary article was posted to Giganews Usenet:
We've done a lot for the Giganews infrastructure in order to accommodate the amount of data storage necessary to continue growing our retention capacity. Learn more about retention and the Giganews infrastructure.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just read

This means vyprvpn can be used with OpenVPN, _very_ appreciated.

Thank you!

(BTW: Retention at it's best, in most of the textgroups there are articles available I can't find with Google Groups, e.g. my own posts (I haven't set X-No-Archive: yes).)

After expanding with DE-CIX here in Germany transmission speed is really great, thank you so much!

And the "Giganews Accelerator" for compacting headers is phantastic.

1:39 AM 
Anonymous Chris White said...

Congratulations, you are THE best provider! You have the fastest servers, the best infrastructure, the longest retention, the quickest and friendliest support, and to top it off your top tier members get the incredible VyprVPN service for free with their Giganews subscription. You deserve the success for working so hard! :-)

2:02 AM 
Blogger FnFwatcher said...

Wow! I remember you all hitting the 365 day mark, now your at 730! Stop The Madness!

8:36 AM