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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Giganews Reaches 650 days of High Quality Binary Retention

Giganews keeps on going -- today we reached 650 days of high-quality retention, and we’ll continue growing while still providing the best Usenet experience in the world. Other providers struggle in attempt to offer long-term retention because they don’t have the infrastructure and support team to handle the data, causing their systems to crash.

We are continuously focused on creating and maintaining an exceptional system that allows us to continue adding days of retention. It takes a lot of work and the right people -- we have the space, the staff, and the in-house scalable infrastructure to store and support the data and system in order to allow for growth and adjustments.

Giganews systems are built from the ground up on our own multi-redundant network of servers. The Internet doesn’t open at 8 and close at 5, so our datacenter is staffed around-the-clock to keep things up and running.

Whether an article is 6 days old or 650, you get the same high-quality completeness, availability and unlimited speed through Giganews.

Curious to learn how Giganews does it? Learn more about how Giganews works.

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