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Friday, April 09, 2010

VyprVPN Adds a New Server Location & Hostname Changes Required

Giganews is proud to announce that Golden Frog has added a new server location for VyprVPN on the East Coast of the US. This adds to the server locations on the West Coast and in Amsterdam. The VyprVPN Personal VPN service helps protect users from online eavesdroppers, scammers, advertisers, and the like while browsing the Internet and is a great privacy & security tool for Giganews customers.

This service upgrade requires a hostname change and must be completed by May 15, 2010 or your service will not work. Use the VyprVPN setup instruction to get OS-specific instructions.

VyprVPN Required Hostname Changes:
Current: -> New: (West Coast)
Current: -> New:

To Add the New Server Location use: (East Coast)

Golden Frog continues to improve the VyprVPN service with feedback from our users. If you haven’t seen the great reviews or want to give feedback – join the conversation on giganews.vyprvpn. We are always interested in hearing your feedback to help us continue to improve Giganews’ service.

VyprVPN’s Personal VPN is included free for all Giganews Diamond account. Sign up now or upgrade through your control panel.



Blogger Siskoray said...

I was genuinely excited about this feature, especially that it was automatically being offered to Diamond customers. After reading the above instructions, however, I may not be able to use this product as I reviewed the information in late May. I also employed my Internet connection based on the instructions and noticed that my fastest download speed was around 2-3 Mbps, both using Internet Explorer and Giganews through Newsbin Pro. I am now wondering if it has anything to do with being late to the party. I also realize that there can be initial kinks that need to be worked out and am happy to offer my time to help with them as Giganews has provided me with more than excellent service for more than 3 years. I hope that it will be possible to use this product with the speeds I receive without it as I believe strongly in privacy.

1:17 AM