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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Golden Frog Debunks 7 Myths About VPN Logging and Online Anonymity

I am Anonymous When I Use a VPN - 7 Myths Debunked is Golden Frog's latest article featured on their "Take Back Your Internet" policy microsite. The "7 Myths" article addresses a disturbing trend in the VPN industry over the past year. More and more VPN providers are perpetuating the myth of an “anonymous” or “no logging” VPN service while providing minimal or zero transparency about how they actually handle users' data. This has diverted privacy conscious VPN users to focus on the false promise of anonymity instead of focusing on what really matters when choosing a VPN provider: transparency, trust, ease of use, performance and reliability. Understanding these myths is important for Giganews members with VyprVPN and anyone considering using a VPN service.

Over the next week Golden Frog is going to reveal the reality behind these 7 myths:
  • Myth #1: I can be anonymous on the Internet.
  • Myth #2: - July 10th Anonymity and Privacy are the same.
  • Myth #3: - July 11th When my VPN Provider advertises an "anonymous" service, that means they don't log any identifying information about me.
  • Myth #4: - July 14th When my VPN Provider's privacy policy says they "don't log," that means I am anonymous.
  • Myth #5: - July 15th Even if my VPN Provider uses Hosted or Cloud based VPN servers I can still be anonymous.
  • Myth #6: - July 16th Even if my VPN Provider doesn't own and operate the network I can still be anonymous.
  • Myth #7: - July 17th Any VPN logging is bad.
Golden Frog has done an excellent job dispelling these common myths and starting a transparent and frank discussion about privacy in the VPN industry. Learn the truth about online anonymity today starting with Myth #1, "I can be anonymous on the Internet."

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