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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Dump Truck Private Sharing Now Available

Golden Frog just announced that Private Sharing is out of Beta and ready for all Giganews users with Dump Truck! Use the Dump Truck Web App to access Private Sharing and securely collaborate on files and folders with other Dump Truck users. Invite anyone to access shared folders and assign a permission level, with just their email address. When a privately shared file or folder is changed, added or deleted, the changes synchronize to all users who have joined the share.

Dump Truck Private Sharing Features

  • Easily invite anyone through the Dump Truck Web App to collaborate on folders
  • Set permission levels for users on shared folders
  • Read Only access supported. If you choose this option, users can view files but cannot modify them
  • Collaborate on files and folders and they update for all users
  • Move, rename and edit shared files and folders as if they were your own
  • Access shared files across all Dump Truck desktop, mobile and web applications
*Desktop App version 1.2.2 Update Required to Access Private Sharing

Although you can share folders via Private Sharing only through the Web App, you can access shared folders via the desktop and mobile apps. Privately shared files will be synced to your desktop using the Dump Truck desktop app. Golden Frog recently updated the Dump Truck Mac and Windows apps to version 1.2.2 to support Private Sharing. Update from within the app by clicking on "Update Available" in the main menu, or you can download the latest version for Mac or Windows.

The Dump Truck Mobile Apps do not need to be updated to access privately shared folders.

Dump Truck secure online storage is included FREE with every Giganews account. If you're not already a Giganews member, we invite you to sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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