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Friday, August 02, 2013

Use FolderSync for Android with your Dump Truck Account

In response to your feedback on Golden Frog Ideas, we partnered with Golden Frog to add step-by-step instructions for accessing your Dump Truck account on Android 2.1+ devices using FolderSync.

If you already have FolderSync, the setup process is easy:

Folder Sync Setup Instructions for Dump Truck

What is FolderSync?

FolderSync makes syncing files between your Android device and Dump Truck online storage account simple. It contains a full file manager for copying, moving, and deleting files in your remote accounts. One-way and two-way syncs are both supported. Please note, to use FolderSync, Android 2.1+ is required.

Why Use FolderSync with Dump Truck?

Backing up your files is easy with the variety of settings FolderSync has to offer. Users can set their own sync intervals or set up a folder pair to automatically sync files between their Android device and Dump Truck account. This makes FolderSync an ideal way to backup important documents, music, videos and more.

At Giganews, we want you to be able to use helpful applications like FolderSync without sacrificing the security you get with Dump Truck. If any issues arise please take advantage of our 24x7x365 support. We will continue adding setup instructions for other useful applications so don't forget to provide feedback at Golden Frog Ideas!

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