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Friday, June 21, 2013

Otixo Setup Instructions for Dump Truck

Dump Truck is now integrated with Otixo! Otixo provides a cloud aggregation service that lets individuals and businesses work and collaborate across many of their online services from a single application.

If you already use Otixo, connecting to Dump Truck is easy:

What is Otixo?

Otixo is a web app that allows you to manage files from multiple online storage accounts in one place. Use it on mobile or desktop devices to search, copy and share files between your Dump Truck account and other online storage services using WebDAV.

Otixo's Spaces tool also has useful collaboration features you can use with Dump Truck:
  • Share your "Space" with colleagues by sending invitations and managing your Space collaborators
  • Attach files or folders from Dump Truck to your Space with just a few clicks
  • Maintain control of your Space by determining which collaborators have write permission
  • Preview and share comments on files to stay informed on all your projects
  • Track new comments, files and downloads and use email notifications to stay informed in real time!
  • Collaborate with others across multiple online storage services. Spaces creates a neutral place for working on files so you can keep your versions under control.

Why use Otixo with Dump Truck?

With Otixo and Dump Truck, you can easily backup your data in several locations. Simply drag-and drop files from your Dump Truck account to other online storage services without having to download the files to your computer. Make life easier by collaborating with friends and colleagues across multiple online storage services and managing all your files from one location.

At Giganews, we are constantly adding new setup instructions to help you use Dump Truck with your favorite applications. Share your feedback at Golden Frog Ideas and help make Dump Truck even better!

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