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Monday, March 09, 2015

VyprVPN "Port Selection" Now Available for Giganews Diamond Customers

For you Diamond customers out there, we've got a neat thing to share with you from Golden Frog. It's a new feature for VyprVPN called Port Selection, and it's now available for Windows and Mac desktop platforms on the OpenVPN and Chameleon protocols.

What and Why Is Port Selection?

Until now, VyprVPN has used a default port when attempting to make a VPN connection. Sometimes the port will be blocked or throttled – by a country, university, ISP, what have you – and this can compromise your ability to successfully connect and encrypt your Internet connection. Port Selection solves this problem and allows you to access a wide range of UDP ports so that you can defeat intentional port blocking or throttling. In short, get more consistent and successful VyprVPN connections by using Port Selection with OpenVPN or Chameleon protocols in the desktop apps.

A Few Things To Know:

  • Port Selection is only available for our Giganews Diamond account, which comes with VyprVPN Pro.
  • Port Selection works for OpenVPN and Chameleon protocols only.
  • Port Selection can be set to automatic or manual. Automatic will scan the ranges specified to defeat port blocking and throttling. With manual selection, you can enter the default ports (443 for Chameleon and OpenVPN256, 1194 for OpenVPN116) or any port within the specified range.
If you're not a Diamond Customer, but you really like Port Selection, you can always upgrade your account from your control panel. Or if you're shopping around for a Usenet provider with VPN, you can get a sample of our Usenet for 14 days free.

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